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Dress Code

  • A dress code ensures that all students will present themselves in modest, age appropriate attire.
  • When all students have the same foundational attire, preparation for performances will be simplified.

Keep in Mind… Students should be settled into the correct class before purchasing dress code items. Leg warmers and sweaters may be worn during the first 15 minutes of class. June-September: Pre-Ballet students may wear white socks instead of tights (tights are required for performances). Hair must be pulled back away from face and off neck in a bun for Ballet. Ponytails are acceptable for tap & jazz classes.

Girls: Pre-Ballet 1, 2, 3 Leotard, Skirt, Slippers, Tights

  • Light Pink Leotard (Bloch #CL5602)
  • Light Pink Skirt (Bloch #CR5110)
  • Pink Ballet Slippers (Bloch #SO205)
  • Ballet Pink Tights (Capezio #1816)

Girls: Leotard for Ballet 1+, Tap & Jazz (Motionwear #2603)

  • Level 1 Light Blue
  • Level 2 Orchid
  • Level 3 Royal Blue
  • Level 4 Burgundy
  • Level 5 Navy Blue

*Leotard colors are based on Ballet Level. Girls will wear the same color in all classes (including Tap, Jazz & Lower Level classes). Girls who are not currently enrolled in Ballet, will wear a Light Blue leotard for Tap & Jazz classes.

Girls: Ballet 1+, Slippers, Tights, Skirt

  • Pink Ballet Slippers (Bloch #S0205)
  • Pink Tights (Capezio Ultra Soft Transition #1916)
  • Ballet Level 1 & 2: White Pull-on Skirt (Motionwear #1011)
  • Ballet Level 3+: White Wrap Skrit (Capezio #N272 or #N309)

Girls: Tap & Jazz Shoes, Tights, Shorts 

  • Caramel Tap Shoes (Bloch #S0302G)
  • Caramel Jazz Shoes (Capezio #EJ2) or Tan Jazz Shoes (Bloch S #0495)
  • Caramel Tights (Capezio Ultra Soft Transition #1816)
  • Black V-Waist Shorts (Motionwear #7113 or Capezio #CC600)

Women Ballet – Pink Ballet Slippers, Black Leotard, Pink Tights (Capezio Ultra Soft Transition #1816), Black Wrap Skirt  Tap – Flat Black Tap Shoes Jazz – Caramel Jazz Shoes (Capezio EJ2) Tap & Jazz – Dancewear Top, Jazz Pants or Dance Shorts with Caramel Tights (Capezio Ultra Soft Transition #1816)

Boys/Men Black Ballet Shoes (Bloch #S0205), Black Jazz Shoes (Capezio #EJ2), Black Tap Shoes, White Basic T-Shirt, Black Ankle Leggings.